Boat Buddy
Boat Buddy RIB Cleaner

Boat Buddy RIB Cleaner Marine RIB Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner containing powerful detergents to gently but effectively dissolve and remove staining from Hypalon and PVC tubes on Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). Can also be used on PVC fenders, mooring buoys, vinyl seating and PVC covers. Removes soot, oil, grease, black streaks, general dirt.

  • Effortlessly and effectively cleans dirt and grime from Hypalon and PVC RIB tubes.
  • Highly concentrated – Use neat or dilute up to 200 times depending on the severity of staining to
    be removed.
  • Cleans fenders, mooring buoys and vinyl covers.
  • Can be used neat for stubborn stains or heavily diluted for light cleaning
  • Highly concentrated, 1 litre of product makes up to 100 litres of RIB Cleaner

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