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Marine Surface Wash
REMOVES: Grease, oil, moss, algae, soot, fuel spillage, general dirt and surface staining. Highly concentrated, one litre of product makes up to 50 litres of wash.

1 Litre – £17.05


Marine Surface Cleaner
Removes: All those “hard-to-shift” Yellow/brown waterline stains, exhaust stains, rust stains, bird lime, lime scale and other deeply ingrained dirt and staining.

1 Litre £22.45

Marine Surface Protector
Seals & Protects surfaces against further staining. Superior than conventional waxing, easy to apply, no back breaking muscle aching buffing.
1 Litre £23.97

Marine Surface Renovator
Restores colour to dull faded fibreglass Removes light/medium oxidisation. Seals and protects against further staining Contains premium UV inhibitors to protect the surface against further damage.
1 Litre £25.69

Wash and Seal
Removes: General surface staining. For use between full valets. Will not remove any protective wax on the surface. Contains liquid wax sealer to leave a protective film. Effortlessly repels water and dirt keeping surface clean. Streak free formula. Highly concentrated, 1 litre of product makes up to 100 litres of wash.
1 Litre £18.45

Bilge Cleaner & Deodouriser
Breaks down and dissolves oil, grease, diesel and general grime found in bilges of boats. Cleans and disinfects Galleys, heads, lockers and engine bays.
1 Litre £17.75

Sail & Cover Cleaner
Removes: Algae, dirt, grease, soot and most other stains. Effectively cleans all sails, covers and fabrics.
1 Litre £17.75

RIB Cleaner
Effortlessly and effectively cleans dirt and grime from Hypalon and PVC RIB tubes.
1 Litre £19.50

Flat P&P fee of £3.99 PER ORDER, even when purchasing multiple items!