Boat Buddy



Environmental Statement +

At Boat Buddy we care deeply about the environment we work and sail in, therefore all our run-off products have been specifically designed to be environmentally responsible by being biodegradable and having negligible effects on marine and aquatic life ensuring the quality of our sea and inland waterways is maintained to the highest standards for us and our children in the years to come in accordance with criteria laid down in (EC) No. 648/2004 on detergents and in MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 and are declared not harmful to the marine environment.

Boat Buddy wash down systems are compliant with the British Marine Industries Federation wash down Environmental Code of Practice. Boat Buddy packaging is recyclable making us as green as we can possibly be and still produce products that work!. Boat Buddy products are manufactured under ISO9001 ensuring full quality control.

All packaging is now fully recyclable and in keeping with our high moral standards we would encourage customers to return empty packaging to us for recycling.

Boat Buddy products comply with the new “Global Harmonisation System” regulations on labelling and packaging (EC) No:1272/2008 (CLP) now enforced in many countries worldwide enabling products to be legally distributed within those countries.