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How to clean your gelcoat.

June 4, 2019 by Chris in Uncategorized
How to clean your gelcoat

Gelcoat exterior surfaces on your boat need cleaning periodically to remove salt deposits dirt build up and yellow/brown waterline staining which happens throughout the season.  This is important to keep gelcoat clean and in good condition. Salt is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture from the air keeping your boat damp which attracts dirt.

Gelcoat can be cleaned using a dedicated gelcoat cleaner which is readily available from most chandlers. Do not use cleaning products that contain hydrochloric acid, caustic or bleach as it may damage the surface. Use specifically designed cleaning products that are environmentally responsible to avoid pollution.

Begin with Boat Buddy All Over Boat Wash to remove surface dirt followed by Boat Buddy Gelcoat Stain Remover to remove those ugly yellow/brown waterline stains rust marks from fittings, and other ingrained dirt and staining. www.boatbuddy.net



1              Hose the entire boat down with freshwater to remove loose surface dirt.

2              Mix some warm water with a mild detergent such as Boat Buddy All Over Boat Wash. Apply the solution to the surface with a sponge.

3              Allow the solution some time on the surface to soak in and dissolve the salt and dirt.

4              For stubborn spots use a soft, non-scratch scouring pad.

5              Rinse with lots of fresh water and allow to dry off. You will now be left with the stubborn yellow/brown waterline stains and rust stains leaching from fittings

6              Decant some gelcoat cleaner such as Boat Buddy Gelcoat Stain Remover into a small plastic bucket or container.

7              Apply the gelcoat cleaner to the surface using a paint brush, make sure to cover every inch.

8              Allow between 30 – 60 minutes to allow the gelcoat cleaner to gently neutralize and absorb the staining. When the stain has disappeared rinse thoroughly with fresh water. The gelcoat should now be perfectly clean. If there are persistent stains of rust from fittings re-apply and leave for a little longer than recommended. These can be quite deep in the gelcoat and may take some time to neutralise.

“We have tried many products to remove yellow brown staining on fibreglass, Boat Buddy Gelcoat Stain Remover is easily the most effective and best value for money”
Brian, Bilberry Boat Yard, Waterford


Why Boat Buddy All Over Boat Wash and Boat Buddy Gelcoat Stain Remover?

Boat Buddy All Over Boat Wash and Gelcoat Stain Remover do not contain any caustics or bleaches which may harm you or your gelcoat. It is an environmentally responsible cleaner.  All Boat Buddy run-off products comply with MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5

The last thing to do is to apply a good quality wax with UV inhibitors to protect your clean gelcoat from the elements such as Boat Buddy Premium Boat Wax



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